"One of my all time, top Arkansas films."
- Dan Anderson, Director
Hot Spring Documentary Film Institute

"Natural State is applied enviromental anthropology and documentary filmmaking at its best!" - James R. Veteto, PhD Enviromental Anthropologist



Deer, AR
Kent Bonar is the naturalist for the Newton County Wildlife Association. Kent travels the Ozark wilderness and documents nature with beautiful illustrations. He has been called the “John Muir of the Ozarks.” Although he has no electricity, he is worried that nearby powerlines will be sprayed and contaminate his well and kill useful wild plants.

Pat Costner

Eureka Springs, AR

Pat Costner first discovered that Carroll Electric was spraying on their powerline right-of-ways. Knowing the effects of toxic chemicals from her long career as a chemist, she was outraged that Carroll Electric had begun spraying large amounts of herbicides without informing their members. She wrote the book We All Live Downstream that is a guide to waste treatment for preventing water pollution.

Gordon Watkins

Murray, AR
Gordon Watkins owns an organic blueberry farm in Newton County. He is concerned that herbicide spraying on land adjacent to his will affect his spring water, which he uses to irrigate his blueberries. Gordon and his wife Susan run Rivendell Farms located just a few miles from Jasper.

Kathy Turner

Huntsville, AR
Kathy Turner has lost her organic certification for three years on a large area of her land due to accidental spraying by a contractor hired by Carroll Electric. The entities responsible will not grant compensation for her loss. She produces organic hay and is a certified organic inspector.

Randy Janowitz

Murray, AR
Randy Janowitz, a carpenter and avid outdoorsman, is a concerned Newton County resident. Even though the spraying won’t directly affect his work, he is concerned that the pristine area in which he lives will become polluted and contaminate his drinking water.