"One of my all time, top Arkansas films."
- Dan Anderson, Director
Hot Spring Documentary Film Institute

"Natural State is applied enviromental anthropology and documentary filmmaking at its best!" - James R. Veteto, PhD Enviromental Anthropologist


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Here are some other grassroots sites for Arkansas:

Ozark Grassroots
Arkansans for Gas Drilling Accountability
Arkansas Conservation

More information on sustainability in Arkansas:

Arkansas Sustainability Network
Sustainable Alternatives

Links on Karst Terrain:

Explained by Jiya in our film
USGS on Karst
Karst Waters Institute
The Karst Conservancy

To buy Pat Costner’s book “We All Live Downstream” click here.

Here are some other sites that we like:

Steven Foster Group
Conserving Arkansas’ Agricultural Heritage (CAAH)
Blackwood Folk
Herbal Simplicity and Bean Mt. Farms
Dynamic Earth