"One of my all time, top Arkansas films."
- Dan Anderson, Director
Hot Spring Documentary Film Institute

"Natural State is applied enviromental anthropology and documentary filmmaking at its best!" - James R. Veteto, PhD Enviromental Anthropologist

How to Help

We encourage everyone to join the Sierra Club or the Newton County Wildlife Association or any environmental grassroots effort in your area. These groups are key to protecting the health of our planet. They can also be influential in local issues.

Join the Pesticide Action Network for North America for information about alternatives to using toxic chemicals. Click here to get involved with that issue on a global scale.

Anyone can get involved in reviewing U.S. Forest Service projects by going to their site which lists the “schedule of proposed actions” or SOPA. It comes out every 3 months. Click here to give feedback.

Get involved with your local rural electric coop and advocate for the types of policies and practices that protect water, air, and climate. There are national efforts underway to reform some coops.

We encourage Carroll Electric members (non-members as well), to lobby hard for and actively support the election of new, more progressive board members, not only this year but into the future as well. Between now and 2016 almost all of the board will be up for replacement. With nearly 70,000 members it will be a significant task and will require a well organized, politically active base as well as positive publicity and no small amount of money.

If you would like to help or want more information, contact any of the names below.

Gordon Watkins, gwatkins@ritternet.com 870-446-5783
Randy Janowitz, randy@randyjanowitz.com 870-446-2176

And, of course, you can always contact your State Representative and Governor to express your concerns. It is your right as an American!

Also, you can donate here to help us get the film out there.