"One of my all time, top Arkansas films."
- Dan Anderson, Director
Hot Spring Documentary Film Institute

"Natural State is applied enviromental anthropology and documentary filmmaking at its best!" - James R. Veteto, PhD Enviromental Anthropologist


The Newton County Wildlife Association (AR) continues its 36th year of advocating for forest practices beneficial to outdoor recreation, water resources, wildlife habitat and all species.

In 2010-11, our priorities include opposing herbicide spraying on utility rights of way in the national forest, participating with local activists and groups to enable landowners to stop electric power companies from herbicide spraying on private utility corridors; and most recently, opposing the expansion of hydraulic fracturing gas wells (“fracking”) in the national forest. We welcome your input and involvement in any of these issues, and thank all our members and friends for their past support!

In 2010, NCWA joined local activists in several counties in an ongoing campaign to stop Carroll Electric Cooperative Corporation (CECC) from expanding their herbicide-based vegetative management plan. Board members and friends attended CECC’s annual members meeting to voice opposition to: their large-scale environmental poisoning from herbicides; their institutional barriers for customer access to the “no herbicide spray,” list; the lack of democratic control of the cooperative; and lack of financial transparency. In order to spread the word of the “no spray” option and the dangers of herbicides in a karst topography, NCWA funded several advertisements in various newspapers and contributed letters to the editor and newspaper columns on the issue.

NCWA and other environmental groups met with the US Forest Service supervisor and staff to oppose utility companies plans to start spraying herbicides along utility corridors in the national forests, and challenged the forest service’s current karst map (to be used by companies to avoid sensitive areas) as inadequate. Partly as a result of our efforts, one forest inholding was put on the forest service’s no spray list. Contracts with some power companies are still pending, so we will be monitoring the conditions and safeguards proposed by the forest service on these companies.

NCWA Board members and officers have spoken at public meetings, written to newspapers, and met with law makers about all of the above issues.


  •  To protect the quality of the air, water, soil, and wildlife of the Ozark forest of Newton County
To reduce/limit “prescribed burning” on public lands in the Ozarks
  •  To encourage learning about nature. We are all learning.
· To stop the use of chemical poisons on public land in the Ozarks.
  • To prevent fragmentation of the forest and the resulting impact on sensitive plant and wildlife habitat.
  • To preserve forests and streams that have special characteristics, and to increase the number of areas so protected.


  • Regular and special meetings
  • Field trips to places of interest
  • Locating and documenting rare plants, animals, and cultural resources
  • Active involvement in the planning and monitoring of public lands, and, promoting land management practices that raise the quality of the forest
  • ·Sponsoring public programs which expand appreciation of our natural, historic, and prehistoric resources
  • Networking with other conservation groups.
  • Action alerts via email on critical issues needing public input and support regarding US Forest Service practice


NCWA is always seeking members to share ideas, actions, and fun. Members gain organizational voting rights, and a subscription to “Call of the Wild”, the NCWA Newsletter. We are supported solely from membership dues and contributions

Please join today!
 To join NCWA, send your donation of $20 (Supporting Membership), $5 (Active Membership), or other contribution to: Newton County Wildlife Association, P.O. Box 189 Jasper, AR 72641

NCWA contacts:


Barry Weaver, co-chair, wvrbrry@yahoo.com, Tel. 870-446-5884

Nan Johnson, secretary, nan.n.johnson@gmail.com

Dave Spencer, treasurer, toys@ritternet.com, Tel. 870-446-2795

Kent Bonar, naturalist, Tel. 870-428-5328

Dennis Larson, board member, larsondf@yahoo.com